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    Ningbo Gentle Beauty International Trade Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful international port city-Ningbo,China.
    Ningbo is located in the east sea coast of China with rich fishery resources,also is mainly of aquatic products export base in China.
    The Hong Kong headquarters of Gentle Company was established in 2013, Due to the development of the business, Gentle Company set up the branch office in Ningbo in 2016.
Our company is an import and export enterprise which has a strong comprehensive ability and highly professional with the deep sea fishing, seafood purchasing, highly processed, and so on.
   Our company introduced advanced aquatic professional management team, advanced production technology, advanced production equipment and efficient management concept.
At present, our company mainly products as follows: mackerel (whole round, head off and tail off, cutting head off, gutted and tail off, cut into chunks), saury, horse mackerel, 
sardine, shrimp, pomfret, oil fish, mahi mahi, Spanish mackerel ( whole round and fillet), bonito (whole round, precooked loins), tuna and so on.  
   Our products are mainly exported to EU countries, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan, America, South America and other countries. Our high-
quality products, good reputation, first-class service have won the international customer recognized and praise.
  Our company will always insist in Integrity First, and to further expand the international market with highest quality products. No matter old or new customers, you will be 
never disappointed to us.